Koncert sa odohraje v nových priestoroch TabLabu, v suteréne Tabačky. Viac info o TabLabe: https://www.tabacka.sk/projekty/aktualne-projekty/tablab/


Prague, Czech Republic

is Prague (Czechia) based duo surfing in avantgarde waters of free jazz, free improvisation, noise, kraut electronics and industrial. It’s live shows are dynamic flow of energy, sonic experiments and semi- impro feelings. Both musicians are active in many bands and projects. Surfin’ Bazooka is their chamber of fun (and power). Their industrial sonic palette is offensive and noise-spreading, their produce chaos as well as non-schematic harmonies of theremin, saxophone and alarm sirens. It loves jazz feeling, musical destruction, cultural terorrism, military imaginery and urban guerillas. Current line-up - Štěpán Hurník -sax, Willhelm Grasslich - noises, effects, percussions.


Štěpán Hurník – jazz, swing and funky saxophonist, the descendant of well known Czech composer Ilja Hurník (1922-2013) and philosopher candidate. Other bands – Gasoline Rainbow, Hot Wings

Willhelm Grasslich – audiovisual artist, novelist, music promoter. Historian and former journalist. Other bands and projects – UGFC, Blind Ruler Cursed Land, Karel Braun&Black Magic, Medical Cabinet, S&M Project

---= ZINTAER =---

Ondrey Zintaer je hudobný experimentátor pohybujúci sa na hranici hluku, dronu a improvizovanej hudby prepájajúcej neživé elektronické ruchy a zvukové kulisy s hrou na dychové nástroje. Svoje vystúpenia spestruje tiež prednesom vlastnej poézie.



We are Standard Society - audiovisual art group from Košice, Slovakia. Our methods of work are dada, surreal and documentary. Musical genres we cover are ambient, industrial, noise, techno, punk and metal. We perform electronic live acts.

This time we will play improvisation based on work-in-progress and unreleased material. Without video projection.


LINEUP (cca):

  • 21:00 - Standard Society
  • 21:45 - Zintaer
  • 22:30 - Surfin Bazooka

Vstup: PEJC evri

Kultúrny zážitok prináša Standard Society, Tabačka a kamaráti.